2016 : the sports world does not seem to be concerned by the financial crisis and France remains a hospitable country in spite of everything. SIO’s order book is filling up fast : in 2016 Sport International will organise training camps in France for the English, Irish, Swedish, German girls, Algerians, Canadians, Russians, Ivory Coast, Turkish ladies, Japanese, Indians, Koreans and Australians. And of course fans from all over the world during the Euro Football Championships.

2014-2015 : Sport International signed a partnership contract to promote Citesports, the brand-new sports centre located in Fontainebleau and formerly known as EIS (Military School), more commonly « Bataillon de Joinville ». First invited to audit the installations by the Group Vinci at the tender level, Sport International has already accommodated Japanese football players, Welsh rugby players, swimmers from Oman Sultanate, a large gathering of U15 football players from Marocco and a good number of French groups at Citésports.

2013-2014 : Opening of SIO in the south of France. The agency is near Montpellier. It will help to organise the camps for foreign teams in the south and to expand Michel Hidalgo International Football Academy located in Cannes.

In 2014, SPORT INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION has organised the camps for football teams from Norway (national women team), Qatar, Japan, Australia, Canada (Ontario, Quebec), Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, England, the tours of US, Welsh and English rugby Union and rugby League teams, the training of athletes from South Africa in Paris and Montpellier, numerous volleyball, handball and basketball teams, and almost 100 swimming camps for French and foreign clubs.

July 2013 : Congratulation to Norway national women football ! Vice champions at the European Championships in Sweden. Thank you for trusting in SIO for your preparation !
SIO recently signed a protocol with Aspire (Qatar) for the organisation of training camps and tournaments in France for Qatar youth teams. The 2022 World Championships are in sight !

offers a professional assistance in terms of training camps management, tours and matches in France, to sport team coaches, managers and players.

With a 20 years achievement, and strong relationships with foreign sports and countries, SIO can select the venues in France that correspond to your level and expectations.

We are working with high level former sportsmen and women such as our current executive Laurence POTIER, former France and Spain handball champion, who has welcomed foreign professional or amateur teams to France for the last 20 years.

Save your time and energy, and concentrate on your players performance on the field. Indeed, your whole team is being taken care of from the beginning to the end of your tour. Freed from logistic constraints and management, your players remain entirely in the middle of your attention.

Keeping in sight to answer to the specific needs of each team, we offer an on-demand dimension. Our experience confirms that each leader has his own point of view about training, sport schedule, and group management ; this is why we know how to listen and adapt to your expectations.


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Sport International Organisation is the specialist of the organisation of your training camp, of your tour and matches in France. It is a professional « measure made » organisation : accommodation in a hotel or a sports centre, catering adapted to the needs of sportsmen, training infrastructures, preparation and recuperation, friendly matches or tournaments with official refereeing, transport by bus and airport transfers, excursions, visits …

Each team manager has his own vision of what training is, of his sports programme and group management. We therefore spend time listening to you, to understand your expectations and adapt to them.
If you are looking for a camp to prepare the next season or the qualification to a tournament or a sports event, an end-of-season camp with matches, visits and excursions, or a high altitude camp, Sport International Organisation will organize it for you according to your requests. The camp will enable you to assess your level with opponents of equal level, to work hard and improve your performances. It will keep your team away from daily stress.

Organising your training camp means saving your time and energy as we are your only one point for the whole organisation. We will send you a precise quotation adapted to your budget, and an invoice including a personal greeting on arrival and the follow-up of your stay.

For the coach, giving out all details about the logistics of the camp to Sport International Organisation means getting rid of the organisation itself. It also means focusing on the technical aspects of every training and managing the team.

Trust in professionals to organize your training camp.

For the manager

  • The assitance of SIO to build the camp
  • Save time and energy
  • One single point of contact throughout
  • Precise pre-costing of the camp
  • Only one invoice, adapted to the budget
  • Personalized greeting and follow-up

For the coach

  • Get rid of the logistics of the camps
  • Communicate his requirements to sports specialists
  • Pre-knnowledge of the match programme
  • Focus on the tehcnical aspects of training
  • ... and on team management
  • A training camp to prepare the new season
  • A preparation for an upcoming qualifying tournament or an important sports event
  • An end-of-season tour in France combiing matches, visits and excursions
  • A "breather" training camp at high altitude or an acclimatization to another country
  • A tour of several venues in France

You would like to

  • Compare or evaluate your level with high level opponents
  • Isolate your team from their daily environment
  • Work hard and improve your performance
  • The full organisation of your training camp or your tour in France
  • The organisation of all your matches or your participation in official tournaments
  • A selection of venues offering quality sports infrastructures
  • A whole range of services adapted to your team and to your budget
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