Football team

Who are you ? A football team from England, Belgium, China, Senegal, Chile, Australia…? A professional, amateur, senior, youth, men, women ? A school, college, university football team? Sport International Organisation organises your football training camp in France.

You will receive a programme that corresponds to your expectations, including accommodation, meals, training fields, friendly fixtures, transports, visits … Whether your camp takes place in Paris, Marseilles, Bordeaux or Lille, you will be denied all material constraints and nuisance.

According to the level of your football team, you will play against some of these professional clubs, seniors or youth, U17, U15 … You will get to meet our technical staff and coaches.

Michel Hidalgo, president of Sport International Organisation, addresses the football coaches to remind them that they should focus on their main activity, coaching their players, and not get disturbed by organisational details that keep them busy and away from their real job. "Each one his own business ! At SIO, we have a good knowledge about football, you can trust us to take good care of you !"