The professional organisation of your volleyball camp in France.
  • Accommodation in hotels or sport centres
  • Meals adapted to the specific needs of volleyball players
  • Sport hall for 2 daily training sessions
  • Organisation of friendly matches with official referees
  • Transports by bus and airport transferts included
  • Availability of gym, fitness and rehab units
  • Intervention of tecnicians and coaches
  • And any other specifically requested services


Philippe BLAIN
  • Former coach of the French National Volleyball Team
  • Player for the French team

"Preparing the new season for a national team can only be done in conditions where everything is carefully planned and managed. Organising the preparation requires anticipated programming, finding suitable training venues, setting up adapted arrangements. In volleyball every detail counts. A high performance training cannot be improvised."

Volleyball camp organised in France by "Sport International Organisation"
  • GREAT BRITAIN national volleyball team

    In 3 years and a half only, the 30th Olympic Games in London will be declared open. In the meantime we are building a team that will have to be competitive in due time. The outlook is interesting : several qualification tournaments, continental championships, European League … To prepare for these competitions we need camps like the one we had in Nice at the beginning of December, with 2 international matches against Bahrain and 2 friendlies with Cannes and Aix En Provence. This is a good way to test our players before the big event.

    Harry BROKKING, coach of the national team

  • BAHRAIN national volleyball team

    We camped near Nice from 1 to 15 December to prepare for the Arab Nations Championship. An intensive programme with trainings, weights and 6 friendly matches : Bahrain-Nice 2-3, Bahrain-Fréjus 3-2, GB-Bahrain 2-3, Bahrain-GB 3-0, Nice-Bahrain 3-1, Bahrain-Cagnes sur Mer 3-2. At the Arab Nations Championship we won all our games : Bahrain-UAE 3-1, Bahrain-Oman 3-1, Bahrain-Algérie 3-0, Bahrain-Qatar 3-2, Bahrain-Tunisia 3-0. The sports hall in Manama was full for the final against Tunisia, it was delirium in the hall like the last time Bahrain won the gold medal 17 years ago!

    Alexander SENICIC, coach of the national team

  • GREAT BRITAIN national volleyball team

    We organised our first training course outside GB with SIO. Our deadline for the 2012 Olympic Games is still far off but our training course in France proved to be an extraordinary period in the preparation towards this objective. The conditions were ideal in all domains. Six of our matches took place in five sets which proved to be an excellent way to work thoroughly on the future of our volleyball performance.

    Thomas DOWENS, GREAT BRITAIN team coach

  • National Volleyball Team, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    Bringing the UAE volleyball team over to France for 3 weeks implied that our French partner had to be completely familiar with all needs of the players from our countries and that they should be familiar with our expectations in terms of training sessions and matches. We played against the best French teams, which was exactly what we wanted.

    Vesko VUKOVIC, national team coach, former Serbia Montenegro coach

  • French Senior, Junior and Cadet teams

    On several occasions we have asked SIO to organise our preparatory training courses, be it to prepare the World League, the European or World Championships. And the results were always there to show it. In 2006 we were 2nd in the World League with our first team and Vice-European champion with the juniors; in 2007 the cadets were European champions and bronze medalists in the World Championships.

    Gérard CASTAN, male french teams manager

  • French cadet team

    Tijuana : « he French cadet volleyball team and the staff are sending you their regards from Mexico where they are competing in the World Championships. Thank you for your help in our preparation. »

    Jocelyn TRILLON, France cadet team coach

  • Men's national volleyball team from BELGIUM
  • National volleyball team from QATAR
  • Volleyball club of DUDELANGE, LUXEMBOURG